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Click on each heading (below) for more details (and videos) about each area of study:

The following are the major subject areas that are offered for private instruction, which include piano lessons, music composition lessons, songwriting lessons, improvisation lessons, jazz improvisation lessons, music theory lessons, music history lessons, and audio production and sound recording lessons.

There is usually some overlap in these subject areas, based upon the student’s needs or interests. It is also possible to combine multiple areas of study at once – which I fully encourage, in order to obtain a well-rounded music education.

Piano Lessons (Piano Performance)

Learn to Play Music that You Enjoy

  • No “Learning Series,” required pieces, or oversimplified starting materials.
  • Performance Technique and Keyboard Theory in context, as you need it.
  • Learn pieces you enjoy, in any genre, that still challenge you to grow.
  • Gain the skills to perform, accompany, improvise, sight-read, and more!

Improvisation Lessons (Piano, Voice)

Learn to Improvise, Build Great Solos and Prepare for Group Improvisation

  • Read Lead Sheets and Build Chords of any type.
  • Learn 5 Methods for Building Great Solos right away.
  • Eliminate moments of “hesitation” or getting “stuck.”
  • Learn to Improvise in any genre (even Classical).
  • Optionally, specialize in Jazz Improvisation or Rock/Popular Improvisation.
  • Connect with music as a means for spontaneous personal expression.

Music Composition Lessons

Learn the Art of Music Composition

  • Learn Musical Analysis (SHMRG) with Fun Listening Assignments!
  • Compose Music Every Week (when ready) and get Constructive Feedback!
  • Learn Species Counterpoint, Fugue, Harmony and Voice Leading, and many other compositional structures/techniques.
  • Compose short studies for every period in Music History (Optional).
  • Compose for duets, trios, building up to a full symphonic piece (Optional).

Music Theory Lessons/Tutoring

Build Your Technical Foundation – Skills to Last a Lifetime

  • Learn Sight-reading on Treble, Bass, Alto, and Tenor clefs.
  • Learn Solfege and Sight-Reading. Sight Singing, on the Grand Staff.
  • Learn Part-Writing in SAB and SATB (3 or 4 Voices).
  • Learn to perform Figured Bass Harmonization, Lead Sheet Construction.
  • Ear Training (Melodic and Harmonic Intervals) – Train your musical ear!
  • Melodic and Harmonic Analysis of Score Excerpts.
  • Prepare for the AP Music Theory Exam (optional).

Music History Lessons

Follow the Development of Western Music

  • Listen to music from every period of history, from Ancient to Present Day.
  • Learn basic Eurhythmics to better understand rhythm in music (optional).
  • No names, dates, and facts to memorize! Short Q&A only!
  • Discover music’s roles in shaping the world as it exists today.
  • No music experience necessary whatsoever!
  • Often combined with Music Composition or Piano Performance as a supplement.

Audio Production Lessons

Create Professional Recordings and Learn the Process

  • Learn to use Software packages effectively, such as Cubase, Sonar, or Pro Tools.
  • Sound Recording – microphone setup, level checking, and other recording basics.
  • Editing and Mastering – preparing for production to mp3 or audio CD.
  • MIDI Sequencing – multi-track VST/MIDI instrument recording and editing.
  • Creative assignments are completed during lesson time.
  • Optional additional assignments for those with their own home studio setup.


Music Instruction – In-Home

Private instruction is available for each subject area, in-person.
I usually commute within the Northern VA/MD/D.C. area to the student location.
For more details, please see my pricing and scheduling policies.

Remote Music Instruction Available

Remote private instruction through Skype is also available for music composition lessons, music theory lessons, and music history lessons. Remote instruction tends to work well for these subjects because they do not require physical interaction (such as correcting hand positioning during piano lessons).

I have had success with composition and theory students that take lessons remotely – from both inside and outside the United States. Remote instruction works through a combination of email exchange, voice/video chat and screen-sharing within Skype or Google Chat/Voice.

Remote Piano Lessons – Not Available

Teaching piano lessons remotely would be possible, if the student had several webcams in place, so that the teacher could view the the student’s posture from multiple angles. The microphone would also need to have high sound quality without any delay or inconsistency in transmission – which is not feasible with current affordable technology.