Adam Edison

Music Educator, Pianist, Composer

Serving the Maryland, Northern Virginia, and Washington, D.C. Metropolitan areas
for over 5 years as a music educator for all ages, commissioned composer, and pianist for private events.

Music Lessons (Private Instruction)

Private instruction is available for each subject area, in-person. I usually commute within the Northern VA/MD/D.C. area to the student location. For more details, please see my pricing and scheduling policies.

Online Music Instruction Available

Remote private instruction through Skype is also available for music composition lessons, music theory lessons, and music history lessons. Remote instruction tends to work well for these subjects because they do not require physical interaction (such as correcting hand positioning during piano lessons). I have had success with composition and theory students that take lessons remotely – from both inside and outside the United States. Remote instruction works through a combination of email exchange, voice/video chat and screen-sharing within Skype or Google Chat/Voice.

Jazz Piano and Improvisation Lessons

  • Learn to Improvise, Build Great Solos and Prepare for Group Improvisation.
  • Read Lead Sheets and Build Chords of any type.
  • Learn 5 Methods for Building Great Solos right away.
  • Eliminate moments of “hesitation” or getting “stuck.”
  • Learn to Improvise in any genre (even Classical).
  • Optionally, specialize in Jazz Improvisation or Rock/Popular Improvisation.
  • Connect with music as a means for spontaneous personal expression.

Music Composition Lessons

  • Learn the Craft of Music Composition
  • Perform Musical Analysis (SHMRG) with Fun Listening Assignments!
  • Compose Music Every Week (when ready) and get Constructive Feedback!
  • Learn Species Counterpoint, Fugue, Harmony and Voice Leading, and many other compositional structures/techniques.
  • Compose short studies for every period in Music History (Optional).
  • Compose for duets, trios, building up to a full symphonic piece (Optional).

Piano Lessons (Piano Performance)

  • Learn to Play Music that You Enjoy
  • No “Learning Series,” required pieces, or oversimplified starting materials.
  • Performance Technique and Keyboard Theory in context, as you need it.
  • Learn pieces you enjoy, in any genre, that still challenge you to grow.
  • Gain the skills to perform, accompany, improvise, sight-read, and more!

Music Theory Lessons/Tutoring

  • Build a Strong Technical Foundation - For All Musicians
  • Learn Sight-reading on Treble, Bass, Alto, and Tenor clefs.
  • Learn Solfege and Sight-Reading. Sight Singing, on the Grand Staff.
  • Learn Part-Writing in SAB and SATB (3 or 4 Voices).
  • Learn to perform Figured Bass Harmonization, Lead Sheet Construction.
  • Ear Training (Melodic and Harmonic Intervals) – Train your musical ear!
  • Melodic and Harmonic Analysis of Score Excerpts.
  • Prepare for the AP Music Theory Exam (optional).

Music History Lessons

  • Study the Development of Western Music
  • Listen to music from every period of history, from Ancient to Present Day.
  • Learn basic Eurhythmics to better understand rhythm in music (optional).
  • Very few names, dates, and facts to memorize! No essays!
  • Discover music’s roles in shaping the world as it exists today.
  • No music experience necessary whatsoever!
  • Often combined with Music Composition or Piano Performance as a supplement.

Audio Production Lessons

  • Create Professional Recordings and Learn the Entire Process
  • Learn to use Software packages effectively, such as Cubase, Sonar, or Pro Tools.
  • Sound Recording – microphone setup, level checking, and other recording basics.
  • Editing and Mastering – preparing for production to mp3 or audio CD.
  • MIDI Sequencing – multi-track VST/MIDI instrument recording and editing.
  • Creative assignments are completed during lesson time.
  • Optional additional assignments for those with their own home studio setup.

List of Services

Music Instruction in the following areas:

  • Jazz Piano Lessons
  • Classical Piano Lessons
  • General Piano Lessons (any Genre)
  • Jazz Improvisation for Piano and/or Voice
  • Group Improvisation for Piano and/or Voice
  • Group Improvisation for Instrumentalists
  • Music Composition Lessons
  • Music Theory Lessons
  • AP Music Theory Exam Preparation
  • Sight Reading Lessons
  • Rhythm Instruction
  • Music Dictation/Transcription Instruction
  • Music History Lessons
  • Sound Recording, Editing and Mastering Lessons
  • Audio Production Lessons

Composition/Arrangement for:

  • Jazz Ensembles or Jazz Chamber Ensembles
  • Solo Piano
  • Full Symphonic Orchestra
  • Chamber Orchestra
  • Duets, Trios, Quartets, Quintets, etc.
  • Electronic Music

Other Services:

  • Classical Piano Performances
  • Jazz Piano Performances
  • Popular/Rock Piano Performances
  • Piano and Vocal Performances
  • Sheet Music Engraving (editing, formatting)
  • Music Notation of Sound Recordings (transcription)
  • Piano Arrangement of Sound Recordings
  • Home Music Studio Consultation and Setup


View prices for:

For Lessons In Person (All Subjects):

Lessons come in packages of 4 and must be used within 6 weeks of the first lesson date:

Prices include cost of teacher commuting to the student (*)(**):

Package Size Lesson Length Total Price Per Lesson
4 Lessons 30 min $220 $55
45 min $280 $70
60 min $340 $85
90 min $480 $120

NOTE: No refunds are given at any time for any reason.

For Lessons Online (All Except Piano)

Or Music Lessons at Teacher's Location

Lessons come in packages of 4 and must be used within 6 weeks of the first lesson date:

Package Size Lesson Length Total Price Per Lesson
4 Lessons 30 min $180 $45
45 min $240 $60
60 min $300 $75
90 min $440 $110

(*) All lessons are paid for (with lesson times reserved) before the first lesson of each package.
(**) Additional materials costs may apply, typically under $100 for the year (case-by-case).

NOTE: No refunds are given at any time for any reason.

For Solo Performances:

Piano (or Piano and Vocal) performances may be scheduled for 1-3 hours for any type of event (wedding receptions or ceremonies, confirmation parties, bar/bat mitzvahs, birthday parties, cocktail parties, or other social events in private or public venues).

The rate is based upon:

  • The length of the performance
  • If there is a piano on site
  • Commuting time to the performance venue

NOTE: A non-refundable deposit (included in total price) of $50 is required to reserve your event.

The rates are:

Piano Performance Pricing*:

Length Piano On Site Piano NOT On Site
1 Hour $100 $200
2 Hours $200 $300
3 Hours $300 $400

Piano and Vocal Performance Pricing*:

Length Piano On Site Piano NOT On Site
1 Hour $100 $200
2 Hours $200 $300
3 Hours $300 $400

* Depending on the distance, a commuting charge may apply:

Commuting Charges:

Commute (One Way) Extra Charge (Total)
15 min or less $0
15 min to 30 min $20
30 min to 45 min $40
45 min to 1 hour $60

For Transcriptions (Sheet Music for Recordings):

Most piano transcriptions are billed at $40 per hour, usually taking under 3 hours. A quote will be given on a case-by-case basis, based upon the number of hours estimated for completion. If the transcription takes longer than quoted, only the amount of the quote is due.

NOTE: A non-refundable deposit (included in total price) of $40 is required to begin transcription work.

For Transcriptions (Sheet Music for Recordings):

Most music compositions are billed at $40 per hour, where the number of hours depends on the instrumentation and length of the piece being commissioned. A quote will be given on a case-by-case basis, based upon the number of hours estimated for completion. If the composition takes longer than quoted, only the amount of the quote is due.

NOTE: A non-refundable deposit (included in total price) of $40 is required to begin composition work.

Policies and Scheduling

Lessons come in packages of 4 and must be used within 6 weeks of the first lesson date:

Lessons may be rescheduled or cancelled as long as 24 hours notice is provided. In case of emergencies, a lesson may be rescheduled with less than 24 hours notice, but each student is only given two such allowances per calendar year.

A single lesson may not be rescheduled twice.

If no notice is received prior to a given lesson, after 15 minutes of the lesson has passed, the lesson is considered cancelled. Be sure to call or email if running late! Lesson time missed in this manner cannot be expected to be made up.

The teacher is held accountable to the same policies (above) as the student.

Teacher Location

The teacher is located in Silver Spring, MD close to the intersection of 16th St and East West Highway.

The teacher is available to commute to the student within approximately a 15-mile radius. Please contact for details.

There is a slightly higher charge for the teacher to commute to the student, which is included in the prices, listed above.

About Me

Adam Edison – Pianist, Composer, Music Educator

Adam Edison has been performing piano music, composing, and singing since he was 10 years old. As early as junior high school, Adam was involved in 8 major music commitments at once (accompanying 2 choral groups, playing in the school’s jazz ensemble, playing in the “pit” for the school’s musical production of “Big”, singing and playing piano in recitals, playing in a rock trio (piano, guitar, drums), performing with a traveling group of singers for community service at nursing homes, and producing a limited-release 30-minute album of his original works).

In high school, Adam continued his personal investment in music. He had formal instruction in jazz piano and improvisation under Christopher Casey, and was further mentored by Philip Ventre (jazz ensemble and orchestra director) and Ralph Valentine (choral director and music theory instructor).

In Adam’s junior year, he started and performed in a jazz trio (piano, bass, drums), which had performances for private events and a local venue. He composed an original piece of music for the Choate Rosemary Hall Jazz Ensemble, and performed it with them his senior year. He also produced 2, 60-minute albums of his original works as a limited release.

In college, Adam frequented Carnegie Mellon University’s music conservatory, taking studio lessons under several excellent teachers in music composition (Efrain Amaya) and piano performance (Meyhon Moon, Mark Domencic). He also supplemented his music education with harmony and voice leading, sound recording, editing and mastering (Ricardo Shultz), and advanced eurhythmics (Annabelle Joseph). Adam performed regularly in local and college venues – both alone, in various duos, and in a rock quintet.

After college, Adam continued to pursue his education in music, studying under two excellent teachers for piano performance (Patricia Palombo), and music composition and jazz improvisation (Jeffrey Chappell). It was then that he began to accept students in various music-related subjects and discover his true passion for teaching.

Currently, Adam continues to perform, compose, and teach. Having studied with over 16 different teachers, he knows the value of acquiring accurate technical knowledge, the benefit of multiple approaches to instruction, and the joy of having multiple contexts to apply any musical skill. His diverse areas of expertise, his flexible yet structured approach, and his commitment to helping students reach their own personal goals in music are what make him a valuable teacher. He has helped a high school student attend college for a Bachelor's Degree in Music, a retired Federal employee transition to becoming a High School Band Director, and a successful foreign employee in the financial sector become admmitted to the top music conservatories in the country. He has helped countless others learn the true fundamental skills in music required to be successful and knowledgeable musicians, regardless of their personal or professional aspirations.


Music Instruction Reviews

Read more detailed reviews below or on Google+: (Scroll down to the bottom of the Google+ page to see the reviews.)


I studied music composition and thoery with Adam from April 2013. I decided to apply for college in August 2013, so Adam helped me through the application process. With the help of Adam, now I’ve received admission letters from the composition departments of a few top conservatories. Adam helped on many things including composition review, music history/theory, and piano performance. During the process, he was also very responsive whenever I have any specific questions. Now that I am accepted into these dream schools, it’s confirmed that Adam has solid knowledge in all these fields and he understands what the schools are looking for. Thanks to Adam, it’s a great success for both of us.

- Lu
Baltimore, MD

Adam is undoubtedly the best piano teacher I could have imagined finding. Adam has made learning the piano the experience that I always had hoped it would be. I have always completed my lesson feeling accomplished as well as excited to tackle my next set of assignments. I haven’t had this much fun learning in quite some time, and for that I have Adam to thank!

- Paul
Arlington, VA

I had taken college level [music theory] classes before Adam, and of the two, Adam’s lessons were far superior. The depth into which his explanations reach are sure to erase any misunderstandings or false concepts held by the student. Adam’s teachings are also highly structured and well planned.

- Antoine
Arlington, VA

I am using Adam’s remote private instruction format through Skype, and have found it to be excellent – surprisingly effective, convenient, and enjoyable. The combination of email, chat, and screen sharing supports the sharing of all necessary information, documents, and scores. Of course it helps that Adam is an excellent teacher, very knowledgeable, and very systematic. The material he teaches is very well organized, and communicated clearly. I really appreciate his methodical, structured approach. Good teachers are very rare, and Adam is a terrific educator.

- Michael
NYC, NY (via Skype)

We are very pleased with Adam’s instruction. He has taken our son further in just 6 months than he had been in 4 years with his previous teacher. We can hear a distinct difference in his playing skills and ability.

- Mary Beth
Vienna, VA

Always encouraging, the teacher student interaction has been very positive. Thanks to Adam, my daughter enjoys her lessons and strives to achieve more.

- Pratip
Vienna, VA

He leverages technologies… with a various range of tools. He keeps my son engaged, excited, and interested. He provides firm feedback with very constructive advice on where and how to improve. I had other teachers of the past five years and Adam is the best that I have seen.

- Nida
Ashburn, VA

I searched for years to find a great piano teacher. I couldn’t be happier with Adam. I started from the beginning (as an adult) and Adam is very aware of the best approach for me. Adam presents the lessons thoroughly, makes certain I understand the theory behind it, and truly takes an interest in my progress and enjoyment.

- Steve
Ballston, VA

Adam has been an incredible teacher and I highly recommend him to anybody who is really serious about their musical studies. I’m … continuing my compositional education with him. I wish I had come across him earlier!

– James
Sydney, Australia (via Skype)

Music Performance Reviews

We were very pleased with your talents. Feel free to use me as a reference (former music teacher, pianist, organist–BM in Music Ed (WVU) and MA in Music Ed (U of MD)– piano emphasis).

- Ann
Washington, D.C.

Thank you… excellent job. It was exactly the music we wanted.

- Dave
Arlington, VA

The performances of jazz standards were enjoyable. I’d be happy to recommend you for any performances in the future!

- Geoff
Alexandria, VA

Adam, many thanks for last nite. Lots of kudos from our guests. Best wishes…

- Robert
Arnold, MD

Performances Samples

Bye Bye Blackbird
You Must Believe in Spring
First Arabesque
So Nice (Summer Samba)
Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)

Click here for pricing information for your event!


My Repertoire

My standard repertoire combines rock, jazz, and popular music. A strictly classical music performance is also available. Solo piano or piano and vocal performance options available. Specific repertoire may also be requested, as long as time allows for proper preparation before the performance.

My standard set list includes a mix of rock, popular, swing, and blues tunes, such as:

  • “New York State of Mind” – as performed by Billy Joel
  • “Dream a Little Dream of Me”
  • “What a Wonderful World”
  • “Fields of Gold”
  • “The Way You Look Tonight” – as performed by Frank Sinatra
  • “What a Wonderful World”
  • “The Very Thought of You” – as performed by Hank Jones
  • “For All We Know”
  • “Fly Me to the Moon”
  • “Fire and Rain” – as performed by James Taylor
  • “Black Orpheus”
  • “East of the Sun” – as performed by Diana Krall
  • “Blue Bossa”
  • “Your Song” – as performed by Elton John
  • “Take the ‘A’ Train”
  • “Willow Weep for Me”
  • “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life” – as performed by Green Day
  • “The Very Thought of You”
  • “Someone to Watch Over Me”
  • “Satin Doll”
  • “She’s Got a Way” – as performed by Billy Joel
  • “Bye, Bye Blackbird”
  • “Blue Skies”
  • “I’ve Got the World on a String”
  • “Have You Met Miss Jones?”
  • “Surrey with the Fringe on Top”
  • “Pure Imagination”
  • “C-Jam Blues”
  • “Dream a Little Dream of Me”
  • “In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning”
  • “Autumn Leaves”
  • “Let’s Fall in Love”
  • “You Must Believe in Spring”
  • “Black Orpheus”
  • “I Won’t Dance”
  • “Afternoon in Paris”
  • “Summer Samba (So Nice)”
  • “That’s All”
  • “I Got Rhythm”
  • and much more!


My “classical” (really an umbrella term for Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Post-Romantic music) repertoire includes various composers, such as Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin, Liszt, Debussy, Joplin, and more!


My standard set for a strictly classical performance might include:

  • Bach’s Prelude #1
  • Mozart’s K331 – Sonata in A Major (including the Rondo alla Turca)
  • Chopin’s “Black Key” Etude in Gb Major (Op 10, No 5)
  • Chopin’s Etude in E Major (Op 10, No 3)
  • Beethoven’s Sonata Pathetique in C Minor (Op 13)
  • Debussy’s Claire de Lune
  • Joplin’s “Maple Leaf Rag”
  • Chopin’s Fantasie-Impromptu
  • Mozart’s K265 – Variations on a Theme “Ah! Vous-diraj-je, Maman”
  • Chopin’s Valse in Eb Major (Op 18)
  • Chopin’s Prelude in C# minor (Op 45)
  • Liszt’s “Un Sospiro” from Trios Etudes
  • Chopin’s “Aoelian Harp” Etude (Op 25, No 1)
  • Debussy’s First Arabesque
  • Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata” (Op 14)
  • Joplin’s “The Entertainer”

Original Compositions

Moods of the Five Winds

From “Moods of the Five Winds” for Wind Quintet
(Flute, Oboe, Clarinet in Bb, Horn in F, Bassoon)
(Each Purchase Includes the Conductor’s Score and All 5 Instrument Parts)

Click here to hear audio samples from each track on Moods of the Five Winds.


Buy Super Saver Bundle Scores and Parts “Moods of the Five Winds” Super Saver Bundle ($85)
($40) (over 55% savings!)
Buy Flying Score and Parts 1. Flying ($15)
Buy Wondering Score and Parts 2. Wondering ($10)
Buy Chasing Score and Parts 3. Chasing ($15)
Buy Longing Score and Parts 4. Longing – Theme and Variations ($15)
Buy Haunting Score and Parts 5. Haunting ($10)
Buy Warming Score and Parts 6. Warming ($10)
Buy Dancing Score and Parts 7. Dancing ($10)


To get in touch with me, please contact me directly at: